“The In-Between Times” excerpts


“Each time I experience how the earth and all of nature is able to take the darkness or pain and convert it to some beautiful pure offering, I am wonder-struck.  I held onto a feeling of white light filling me up from my feet to the top of my head; like I was a glass being filled with cool milk. Namanti was definitely right there in spirit as well as Fox. I saw and felt them behind me.  “We got your back, ” they softly told me, telepathically.  Together, they beamed vibrant healing white light into my heart chakra and I knew their wisdom brought guidance on what healing I needed.  I took another deep breath. This one came a little easier.  I cleared my mind and began sending gratitude to Namanti and Fox and committing to being open to receive their healing energy.  Being open was absolutely necessary, I had learned, for healing to be received.  Still lying on the bathroom floor, being cooled by hugging the toilet’s lower base, I remained in that spot —and in that state of mind— receiving healing from these two powerful healers.”