Cryshtal is not only an amazing, loving and nurturing soul, she’s also a superb communicator and an excellent healer! She is able to “tap” into your or your animal’s energy field and literally read what the cause of stress and discomfort is, but she’s also able to verbalize in much detail, the challenge at hand and the next steps for that individual to take for themselves or their animal, in order to achieve balance and help that soul in their path to healing. I’m simply amazed at her clarity and connection with animals, that assist in this beautiful and very unique healing process!

You are a true gem Cryshtal and I love and honor you as the friend, healer and “soul-seeker” that is YOU!

-Denice Rivera


Cryshtal is an “Intuitive Markswoman”, authentic, genuine and hands down spot on accuracy during my long distance reading across the Hawaiian islands to Colorado.
I have had the privilege of knowing Cryshtal for many years and when living on the Big Island she would come from Oahu to come help my family of 5 with our Parelli journey. Her friendship is counted as a most high blessing. In March 2012, my English Shire horse Nick was in what appeared to be colic which wasn’t resolving. Because I have had 100% success using Photonic Red light therapy with horse colic in the past in dismay I called Cryshtal, immediately asking her to do a reading with Nick. The vet had no answers for the condition and Cryshtal was able to confirm without knowing where we were or what had been done as well as use her ability to communicate clearly again long distance i.e.: inter-island was very detailed and unmistakably on point. Words can not explain or express the positive experience, clarity and understanding Cryshtal offers during a reading she is truly embracing her SoulSeeker journey and because her focus is for the highest and best connecting with her will bring you peace and understanding at a whole different level. I love the clarity Cryshtal is able to present in a reading in love and fully present with you. I as a student in this Masterclass called Life this statement resonates with my soul, ”Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow” -Cryshtal Avera
Cryshtal will help you think, let go and grow into the person you are designed to be and help you navigate the obstacles along the way with a clear plan of action.

-Christina Bowden