Work experience and education

February 2016 – Present
Currently enrolled in Masters of Arts in Management program (Organization Management)
February 2016
Completed Bachelor’s of Applied Science
October 2015 – Present
Reiki Master / Energy Healing Channel
October 2015
Reiki Master Certification
2011 – June 2015 Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Licensed Parelli Professional

Taught natural horsemanship
Taught humans how to put the relationship first to progress with horses / focus on the foundation
Continually sought opportunities to learn and be able to help others with their horses
Helped people troubleshoot areas where they found challenges with their horses in the foundation
NOTE: See Education section for detailed pathway

October 2013 – 2015 HEART Horses, Sunset Ranch
Equine Behaviorist / Volunteer Coordinator / Board Member

Set up volunteer program
Volunteer coordinator and horsemanship teacher
Assessed each therapy horse’s needs and created detailed recommendations based on horse psychology 

2013 Published A Book
A Life of Growth Through the Heart of the Horse

Authored and published this book based on all the life lessons and healing in my life through horses and my Parelli studies

2008 – March – 2014 Dillingham Ranch
Cattle Management / Ranch Work

Managed all care and handling of the herd for long periods of time, alone, for 1 year.                   Monitored health and behavior of herd of 150 head of cattle
Moved Cattle using a stress free method based on understanding herd psychology                       Sorted Cattle 
Ranch work such as fixing fences & monitoring water

2006- Oct 2014 Owner, Island Tan Waipahu, HI
Owner / Founder Island Tan

Opened and built business
Created systems to allow business to run independently
Facilitated “We Culture”
Audited systems and business consistently

March, 2004 – 2006 Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc All of Oahu, HI
Realtor-Associate ®

Represented buyers and sellers in Residential real estate transactions

2003-April, 2004
Team Leader Joint Intelligence Center Pacific Pearl Harbor, HI

Managed team of six Imagery Analyst Intelligence Specialists
Managed stressful, time critical situations everyday in a fast paced environment
Trained team members to become successful leaders
Redesigned training program for shop
Used troubleshooting skills to create positive outcomes when crises arose
Dealt with many organizations who utilized and relied on product
Complete understanding of mission and big picture was a must
Continually sought training opportunities for increased comprehension

Imagery Analyst                 Joint Intelligence Center Pacific            Pearl Harbor, HI

Analyzed imagery in the fast-paced intelligence community
Worked extensively with unix based systems to complete reports

1999-2000 11th Reconnaissance Squadron ISAFAF, NV
Sensor Operator Instructor
Managed shop of formal instructors, overseeing all training for entire unit
Managed implementation of continuity ledgers within Formal Training Unit
Designed and updated training documents, job aides and reference tools
Constant experience with communications applications and customer service related tasks

1997–2000 11th Reconnaissance Squadron ISAFAF, NV
Sensor Operator
Performed Sensor Operator duties while deployed to Taszar AB, Hungary and Tuzla AB, Bosnia for a period of 110 days
Military Education

1998 / 1999 11th Reconnaissance Squadron ISAFAF, NV
Predator UAV Sensor Operator, and Instructor Upgrade Training / Distinguished Graduate

1999 11th Reconnaissance Squadron Nellis AFB, NV
Imagery Analyst Skill Level, and Instructor Upgrade Training

1996 USAF Imagery Apprentice School Goodfellow AFB, TX
Imagery Analyst Apprentice


2001 Community College of the Air Force
Completed Associates Degree in Communications Applications Technology

February 2016
Completed Bachelor’s of Applied Science, WBU

2010     4 week Pre-Professional Training Course Parelli University Ocala, Fl
Completed Pre Professional Course
Solid foundation in horsemanship skills as well as professional screening and scrutiny

Equine Professional Certification
2011 Parelli 1 Star Instructor Course Parelli Center Ocala, Fl
Learned Professional expectations from Parelli
Learned more about personality types and how to help each differently
Advanced skills / training in horse psychology

3 Month Equine Professional Intensive
2012 12 Week Externship Program Parelli University Pagosa Springs, CO
Advanced Skills in Presenting / Teaching
Advanced Skills in Personality types/traits and how to help people optimally to gain confidence and learn
Advanced Skills in Horsemanship Foundation
Advanced Skills in Horse Psychology
Facility operation and maintenance skills
Arena prep/care
Professional barn management and organization
Lesson plan design and follow through
Emotional Fitness and being flexible when things change due to job needs
Advanced riding and biomechanics
Game of Contact / Finesse riding
Advanced Online and Liberty play with horses
Advanced Freestyle riding

Equine Professional
Further Certification and Continued Education

2012 Parelli 2 Star Licensed Instructor Course Parelli University Pagosa Springs, CO
Further advanced teaching skills in horsemanship and foundation
Presenting / teaching equipment and tools (ie saddling, saddle fit, catching, haltering, bridling, etc)

Equine Professional Specialty training
2013 Horses Helping Humans Therapeutic Clinic Nokomis, Fl
Education on all facets of Equine Therapy
Education and Demonstration on how to support Equine Therapy programs by helping volunteers and staff learn safety and efficient equipment/tool handling
Education on how to design programs to help horses maintain longevity in health and happiness

2013 Parelli Instructor Conference Pagosa Springs, CO
Professionals updates and further education (16 hours)
Leadership Training Intensive

2011 Tribal Leadership Intensive One and Two (12 Week Course)

The Tribal Leadership Intensive program is broken up into two parts
Outcomes of Tribal Leadership Intensive One
This course creates proficiency in using the Tribal Leadership methodology and core tools to produce personal performance and results.
Personal mastery (at Stage Three) is critical to effective leadership and maintaining a great business culture.
Stable at Stage Three: people are effectively managing their careers and personal lives.

Outcomes of Tribal Leadership Intensive Two
Create fluency in applying the Tribal Leadership tools. Stimulates the required leadership shift needed to stabilize groups and teams into a “we” culture. Discover that your influence, leadership, resources and results are on a whole new playing field.

Move beyond personal mastery, personal performance and “useful” relationships to create effective partnerships and teams.

Interpersonal mastery has you contribute your gifts, skills, and experiences with other “masters” in their area to accomplish things together that were impossible on your own.

The design of this program is to stabilize you and those you work with and live with at Stage Four.

Stable at Stage Four: people are effective in contributing to others and being contributed to in stable groups and partnerships that accomplish highly leveraged results.

Leadership Education
Detail on Trible Leadership Intensive Course
Key Outcomes and Accomplishments of Intensive One:
Acquire competency using Tribal Leadership methodology and core tools.
Develop a career & personal life management system that you can use forever.
A plan to support other people struggling to be effective
People seek you out.
Expand your social network.
Get more leads and close more sales.
Manage your reputation.
Declare your core values and noble cause
Create and complete basic strategic plans in areas such as business projects, managing relationships, building a good reputation, health, finances, attitude, and physical environment.
Project: create and complete strategic plans throughout the course to manage and strengthen key areas of life. Note: Leaders who are already effective in their life will benefit tremendously from this program. This will provide tools to upgrade cultures and support the people struggling to be effective. This is an essential skill set for leadership.
Upon completion of this program, leadership candidates have demonstrated tactical management of strategic planning in each of the areas listed above. They are now ready to take the next step: participating in teams and organizations that operate at Stage Four.

Key Outcomes and Accomplishments of Intensive Two:
The foundation to operating “Stable at Stage Four.”
Have the mindset, tools, techniques and processes to upgrade tribal cultures.
Deepen your listening.
Expanded leadership and greatness.
Effective use of the triadic structure
Effective team building based on role and accomplishment.
Have given up “me” for “we.”
People refer more clients and you close more sales.
Creating and completing strategic plans with others.
“Tune in” to the Culture Stage around you.

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