Purchase Session with Cryshtal


Face to Face or Distance session  $75/hr or$65/hr for 3 or more hours

Reiki / Energy Healing Sessions

*I offer distance healing sessions as well as face to face healing sessions on Oahu


We are all channels of source energy.  You have access to alignment and healing within you.  My calling is to hold the space for healing and clarity.  A session with me usually begins with breathing and meditation then will unfold with us as channels of healing light and energy; the flow will be easy and beautiful and I will guide you with the help of my guides.  Reiki may be helpful for health, career, emotional struggles, or anything in your life that needs healing or expansion.  The animals, Mother Earth, Stones, Essential Oils, & Mantra music may be part of your session depending on guidance.  You are magic.  I am honored to hold the space for your healing and clarity if you are called to join me.

Animal Healing Sessions


$75/hr or $65/hr for 3 or more hours



*I offer distance healing sessions as well as face to face animal healing sessions on Oahu


I will ask you for any specific questions you have after asking my guides and your animal’s higher self what is needed, setting the intention for the highest and best for all as I begin the healing session.  I will use various resources as guided, to include wellness charts for assessment, red light (acupressure), Reiki & healing energy, healing stones, and essential oils.  Each session is unique depending on the needs of the animal & guidance I receive.


Please note: Sessions may be just under 1 hour or longer than 1 hr depending on guidance I am given.   Once I receive your completed form (sessions with Cryshtal section) I will contact you to set up a free skype consultation and answer any questions.  Please indicate if yours is a “time is of the essence” request in the contact form.  Filling out the form is important and providing your specific needs or questions will help information and guidance come through optimally.

In person sessions are held at Soulseeker Hale in Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu, HI for animals able to travel to me.  I can travel to the location of your horse or large animal.  Travel fees of $10-$20 may be added for Oahu if I come to your animal.

Healing for healers


$75/hr or $65/hr for 3 or more hours


Are you a healer?  Is your calling to help others?  Do you find yourself giving and giving and giving?  Those of us with a calling to aid in healing for others on our path often may find ourselves feeling drained, tired, and eventually physically ill.  Learning I am an Empath helped me recognize my propensity to overdo and overgive.  As I researched to find any resources about Empaths I learned about myself and the reasons I had found myself feeling exhausted so often and why my mood seemed to change so quickly at times.  I also learned I have an important gift that must be fostered and to offer my calling and medicine to the world I must consistently take care of myself and set boundaries.  This is a sensitive balance for most Empaths and I am no different.  My research and University studies guided me to learn more about Clairsentients / Empaths and I found a strong personal calling to hold the space for other healers to heal and release.  Sessions often are guided by Mambo, my steer and healing partner, or my mare and beautiful teacher of feminine power and wisdom, Jesse.  I offer face to face and distance healing sessions.  Jesse and Mambo share their healing and wisdom and often emotional truths are discovered in the most loving way.  Honest and raw authenticity is uncovered, and guidance on breathing exercises and energy healing to assist in the release is given.  For me these sessions are a great honor and being in the presence of others called to this path of healing offers me great joy as well as full circle healing for my soul.  If you are called to request a healing and release session I will be honored to be a part of your powerful journey.  Namaste.

Horse & Soul Workshop Series


Individual Holistic Horsemanship Sessions Available for $75/hr or $65/hr for 3 or more hours.  Typical individual session lasts 2 hours.

 Horse and Soul Workshop Series Flyer


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