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Leadership / Culture Consultation – $75

With 20 years of management, leadership, and business ownership experience, and a Master’s in Management, I have a strong passion for empowering others who wish to identify growth opportunities, may be embarking on a new business venture, or have a business that needs analysing to make shifts based on things that are not going in the direction you had hoped for.

Example Organization Case Study: CLICK HERE


MY CONSULTATIONS BEGIN WITH INQUIRY.  I consider myself a “research consultant” and approach each project as a collaboration.  I will likely use a survey for your team or organization after discovering your needs to gather information from you and your team so I can best assess which approach to use for optimal outcomes

I have personal experience (by this I mean I’ve made lots of juicy mistakes) with shifting a business culture and this is my absolute passion.  Leaders who seek self-awareness create powerful opportunities and have the ability to empower not only themselves but those around them.  I use clear formulas to identify your needs then assess what is working and what is not working.  After that, we will dive in to create your custom path to success as a leader, team, or organization.  I bring a unique ability to utilize my empathic (psychic) skills as well as those of an energy healer which offers intuition, embracing the big picture and empowering you to learn to trust yourself and inner guidance.  When we learn to trust ourselves as leaders, this changes everything!

Note: Please indicate if you would like to be in the space of my horse or Mambo, my steer.  They are my partners and my greatest teachers and have much to teach you, as well, if you feel drawn to that.  You must be ready to get real, raw, and supremely honest with yourself for this experience.  I will support you and my intention is to hold the space for you to feel your power and ability to cultivate an environment of trust, loyalty, respect, and success.


During the last 15 minutes of our initial 1 hour consultation together, I will gather your thoughts on moving forward and will provide you with a written (or emailed) suggestion of options for moving forward based on the outcome and information of our 1st session together.

Please click on the payment form above and complete the contact form below.  Once both are received I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule our consultation session.

I provide a custom quote for each client depending on individual needs.  My standard hourly rate is $50.

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