Purchase Reiki / Energy Healing Session

Face to Face or Distance session  $75/hr


We are all channels of source energy.  You have access to alignment and healing within you.  My calling is to hold the space for healing and clarity.  A session with me usually begins with breathing and meditation then will unfold with us as channels of healing light and energy; the flow will be easy and beautiful and I will guide you with the help of my guides.  The animals, Mother Earth, Stones, Essential Oils, & Mantra music may be part of your session depending on guidance.  You are magic.  I am honored to hold the space for your healing and clarity if you are called to join me.  *Please note: Sessions may 2 hours or more depending on guidance given.  Once I receive your completed form (below) I will contact you to set up a free video call consultation and answer any questions.  Please indicate if yours is a “time is of the essence” request in the contact form.  Filling out the form is important and providing your specific needs or questions will help information and guidance come through optimally.  I often connect to the herd and ask my horse, Jesse, and my steer, Mambo who are my teachers and healing partners, to join me in a session, depending on guidance.

In person sessions are held at Soulseeker Hale in Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu, HI.


$75/hr up to 2 hours

$65/hr 3-5 hours

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