About Cryshtal


I am an empath, Reiki practitioner (energy healer), animal communicator, a lifelong student of the horse, a veteran small business owner, and a US Air Force Veteran.  I have a passion for organization culture and helping leaders, organizations, and all people with a desire to find real growth get real, cultivate self-reflection, and create systems that create success.  I think of myself as a Soulseeker.  I look for the learning in each life experience; the opportunity for growth.  My passion is to empower others to find authentic growth and realization through self-awareness on the journey to yourself, finding the strength to trust yourself through self-love and know that the answers you seek are within.


My soul is filled when I have opportunities to do readings with animals or humans that need healing or have personal growth as an intention and help them recognize what is really going on at a soul level and what might help.  My journey to myself has been nurtured and facilitated predominantly through my calling to study the art of horsemanship, where horse and human are partners.  Five years with a Paniolo and master stockman in Hawaii gave me a soul song that I share with cattle and their ability to teach the humans that are open and want to learn.  Through the ups and downs of building, and ultimately walking away from, a small business, working at being a partner in a 18+ year marriage, and most notably my drive to be a partner worthy of a horse, I have recognized and benefited greatly from the ability of the horse to offer pure, raw, honest feedback to the human.

Book release through Kindle: A Life of Growth Through the Heart of the Horse

Once I became committed to living authentically, honoring my unique path, I re-discovered a need to write and share my journey in order to connect with others.  I offer individual empowerment coaching sessions and workshops where the goal is for the client to be empowered to find answers to what he or she needs at that moment; what the next step is for growth.  My past workshops had titles such as “Follow your Bliss”, “Allow”, and “Start and grow a successful business”.  I love individual, customized sessions where the needs of the individual are honored and I allow my intuition and my guides to help me be a vessel for healing or guidance.  I have written and self-published my first book titled A life of Growth through the Heart of the Horse.  Thank you for connecting and I wish you an authentic and juicy journey.  Namaste

Email me at: SoulSeeker@hawaii.rr.com

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