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“We are not one thing; one label. We must listen to our soul callings and notice the things we are called to and find flow and skill in doing. These are the ingredients to the authentic self. One unique being. What does your circle of flow offer the world?” – Cryshtal Avera

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Reiki Master  I am an attuned and certified Reiki Master (energy healer).  I initially pursued a Reiki certification at the recommendation of a mentor when I acknowledged my calling to energy healing.  This is a celebration of acknowledging my callings and my truth.  I am honored to walk this path.

Distance HealerA healing session (in person or distance) is unique to the individual.  This offering is a culmination of me as an energy healer, seer, and animal communicator.  I begin by asking for guidance and often sit with Mambo, my steer, while doing a session as he is my healing partner and guide.  A distance healing session usually offers a combination of emotional truths that can generate healing once embraced and energy healing depending on the needs of the recipient. A distance healing experience is a combination of a psychic reading, energy healing session, and animal communication (through my animals as my partners and/or your animals as your partners).

AuthorIn 2013, I authored and published, A Life of Growth Through the Heart of the Horse, based on all the life lessons and healing I experienced in my life through horses and my Parelli studies.  I have been writing since I was a child and my mama reminds me that this was my earliest calling.  I am called to write about life experiences and lessons and this is the reason my website is a blog.  The core of who I am is a writer, a story teller, a truth teller, and above all, a soul seeker.

Sacred Circle SisterCircles of women have long been empowering all who participate.  My life has directed me to circles of women and I embrace this as a necessary part of my journey.  I participate in circles of women energetically and physically and trust that when I am intended to be a part of a circle, it is right.  The strength of a circle of women who show up vulnerable, ready to be their authentic selves and with the pure intention to lift others and themselves up with love, is powerful.  I subscribe to the mantra “your vibe attracts your tribe” and my intention is to be surrounded by women who love themselves first, know who they are and stand in that truth, and love each other.

Psychic EmpathThe journey I took through my Parelli Natural Horsemanship studies and a 5 year Cattle/Ranch Management internship with a Paniolo and master stockmand on the North Shore of Oahu, was the catalyst to revealing my Truth as an Empath and Animal Communicator.  The intimate immersions with the animals, mother nature, and myself, prepared me for the introduction to a truth I had not been willing or able to see and had suppressed all my life.  I just “knew” things, especially about how the animals were feeling, what strategy would work or would not work with the herd, and had always been very sensitive in groups of people, feeling many emotions at once sometimes.  The moment a mentor I had been drawn to said “oh, you’re an empath” my life changed.  At almost 40 years old I began to see my whole self and embrace her.  The journey to self-love and wholeness brought me this missing piece once I was ready, and my life changed … finally acknowledging and honoring my whole self has given me the key to begin to offer my unique medicine to the world.  Through the lessons I have been given and still need I am drawn to help others find wholeness through truth, trust, and self-acceptance; empowered to be authentic.

It began in 2008 with an unexpected Cattle Management internship where I was taken under the wing of a Paniolo and master stockman on the north shore of Oahu and given access to learning through working daily with him.  Sammy taught me by giving me experiences and letting me have successes and failures.  His style was “no stress cattle work” which meant we had to be preventative in nature and let the cattle set the standard.  I learned so much about cattle psychology, herd psychology, ranch and pasture management, fence work, and so much more.  Most of all, I learned the kind of person it takes to connect to the soul of a herd  of more than 150 head including up to 8 bulls and keep it stress-free.  I was given insight into the soul of cattle and my healing partner, Mambo, came into my life as a rescue calf.  Ultimately, I managed all care and handling of the herd for long periods of time; and completely for 1 year. I monitored health and behavior of a herd of 150 head of cattle, moved cattle using a stress-free method based on understanding herd psychology, and sorted cattle.

From 2010 to 2015 I participated in the professional track and mastery program of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, learning the following:

  • Advanced Skills in Personality types/traits and how to help people optimally to gain confidence and learn
  • Advanced Skills in Horsemanship Foundation
  • Advanced Skills in Horse Psychology
  • Emotional Fitness and being flexible when things change due to job needs
  • Advanced riding and biomechanics
  • Game of Contact / Finesse riding
  • Advanced Online and Liberty play with horses
  • Advanced Freestyle riding
  • Education on all facets of Equine Therapy
  • Education and Demonstration on how to support Equine Therapy programs
  • Education on how to design programs to help horses maintain longevity in health and happiness
  • Ranch management with emotional fitness and a team of we attitude

Between 2011 and 2015, I was a licensed Parelli Professional and taught natural horsemanship, taught humans how to put the relationship first to progress with horses & focus on the foundation, continually sought opportunities to learn and be able to help others with their horses, and helped people troubleshoot areas where they found challenges with their horses in the foundation.

Empowerment CoachMy management experience spans over 20yrs within 3 different industries. I have been in management positions within the military, with my own business, and as a Parelli professional.

In the U.S. Air Force I was a Sensor Operator Instructor in the 11th Reconnaissance Squadron ISAFAF, NV where I managed a shop of formal instructors, overseeing all training for the entire unit and managed implementation of continuity ledgers within the Formal Training Unit. Later, I became a Team Leader at Joint Intelligence Center Pacific Pearl Harbor, HI where I managed a team of six Imagery Analyst Intelligence Specialists,
managed stressful, time critical situations every day in a fast-paced environment and trained team members to become successful leaders, where having a complete understanding of the mission and big picture was a must.  I continually sought training opportunities for increased comprehension and created a training program and continuity for the office I worked in to benefit all imagery analysts working there and all who would work there in the future.

As Owner / Founder of Island Tan Waipahu, HI, I opened and built the business, created systems and continuity to allow the business to run independently, facilitated a “We Culture”, and  audited systems of the business consistently seeking improvement opportunities.

As a Parelli Professional, I taught natural horsemanship, taught humans how to put the relationship first to progress with horses, focus on the foundation, and continually sought opportunities to learn and be able to help others with their horses.  I helped people troubleshoot areas where they found challenges with their horses in the foundation.

Culture ConsultantIn 2011, I took a Tribal Leadership (based on the book Tribal Leadership) Intensive two-part, 12-week course that completely changed the way I viewed and ran my business. This course created proficiency in using the Tribal Leadership methodology and core tools to produce personal performance and results.

Part one covered how personal mastery (at Stage Three) is critical to effective leadership and maintaining a great business culture. 

Stable at Stage Three: people are effectively managing their careers and personal lives.

Part two covered creating fluency in applying the Tribal Leadership tools and stimulated the required leadership shift needed to stabilize groups and teams into a “we” culture. Through this course, I developed influence, leadership, resources, and results that were on a whole new playing field.

Stable at Stage Four: people are effective in contributing to others and being contributed to in stable groups and partnerships that accomplish highly leveraged results.

Key expected results as listed from the course creators:

  • Move beyond personal mastery, personal performance and “useful” relationships to create effective partnerships and teams.
  • Move beyond personal mastery, personal performance and “useful” relationships to create effective partnerships and teams.
  • Interpersonal mastery has you contribute your gifts, skills, and experiences with other “masters” in their area to accomplish things together that were impossible on your own.
  • The design of this program is to stabilize you and those you work with and live with at Stage Four.

This 12 week intensive helped me change the culture of my own company and fueled a passion in me to empower others to do the same.

Organizational Structure CircleI have a passion for organization culture and helping leaders, organizations, and all people with a desire to find self-growth, get real, cultivate self-reflection, and create systems that create success.

I have a master’s degree in management with a focus on organization management which furthered my knowledge and fed my passion in this area.

Between 2006- Oct 2014, I was the Owner/Founder of Island Tan in Waipahu, HI. I opened and built the business, created systems to allow the business to run independently and facilitated the “We Culture” where I created and audited systems and my business consistently.