Elemental Clearing with Horses

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Recently, I had the honor to interview Katherine Ludewig, an animal communicator and energy healing channel with a magical, healing spirit.  Katherine’s work with horses and their people has given her much experience and beautiful wisdom to share.

“Individually we are one drop; together we are an ocean”.

Katherine Ludewig, animal communicator and energy healing channel, of www.elementalclearing.com and www.blazingstarstables.com shares about her journey with horses and her work answering guidance when called to help humans better understand their horses, as well as her work as an energy healing channel, helping horses and humans who need energy clearing. Katherine’s sharings on how and when to say NO when we get guidance not to move forward is one of my favorite pieces of this powerful interview!

Cryshtal: Aloha Katherine, and thank you so much for joining me today.

Katherine: You’re welcome. Hello.

Cryshtal: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your work with horses?

Katherine: I work with all different breeds, typed pages of courses from different angles. Here in Maine, we have really, really cold winters and blasts of hot summer for a couple of weeks at most. I grew up begging my parents to ride and my first introduction to horses was in sixth grade and it was at a indoor riding arena, with stalls along the outside of the indoor arena, if that makes sense. And an old horse kind of came up for sale and I got introduced to horses with that. He actually was one of the first horses to communicate with me.

And our relationship grew and I’ve learned about communications and different modalities. I’ve incorporated and woven those through my life’s work and helping horses. So that’s, that’s my horse path. As far as me, I’ve got two kids, 11 and 7. Their initials, which I didn’t realize until after they were born are AM and FM. Sometimes it’s like that…with an AM and an FM, but I live in Maine and there’s this farm which was the original fort for the town. There’s 40 acres here. There are seven horses now that reside here.

Cryshtal: Thank you Katherine. What does your practice with horses look like today? What kind of clients do you have call you and what does a typical session include?

Katherine: A typical session is never typical at all. My clientele ranges from the budding 4H-er that says, “Hey, I think I saw you do something with a horse at our 4H camp last year. My horse has trouble. Can you help?”, to being flown down to work at the, USET barn in New Jersey to work on clients there. So it ranges. The human clientele ranges, the equine clientele ranges, but the treatment and the root of or the essence is the same for healing, if that makes sense.

Cryshtal: Yes. Beautiful. When we last spoke, we specifically were connecting on the photonic health red light and how that has affected both of our lives. What other tools besides the red light do you find that you use or is it all through you as a healing channel?

Katherine: My Path was to learn. I took a course in animal communication, learned about it, and then I actually found that the communication piece is very superficial and the fact that people would want to know does he love me or you know, is he happy? And I’m like, there’s more to this, there’s a root, there’s something causing this behavior issue. I want to know what it is and how to help. And that translated into me learning Melchizedek Method and I became an instructor in that. And the reason that came in was because when you are working with dis-ease or low vibrational attachment pieces, you have to be just as protected as you can be. And the Melchizedek Method taught me energy to use in aiding the horse and the owner, the land and the area. It also introduced me to what I like to call my team. So yeah, that’s what that’s loaded with.

Cryshtal: I love that. And this is one of those areas where you and I are in alignment and I feel a soul connection. So I’ve never heard of the Melchizedek Method. Can you elaborate on that a little bit? I’d love to learn more.

Katherine: The Melchizedek Method is five different levels. There are workshops and seminars. They’re anywhere from four days long to three days long at each level.

And it’s reworking you at an energy cellular level by working with Melchizedek, who is viewed as a ascended master. So you walk out with the practitioners certificate.

Katherine: Have you ever heard of the book of Enoch?

Cryshtal: I haven’t.

Katherine: It’s a very interesting read. Some days it reads like Stereo instructions and other days it’s like Bingo, That’s what was. Needed.

The Melchizedek Method helps with connecting and correcting an unpleasant situation, a manifestation shielding therapy, which this is what really drew me. It helps with therapy involving colors, like orange, auric clearing crystals, and Reiki. I do a lot of work with crystals and essential oils. He ties it in and so when you go through the process of certifying with the Melchizedek Method, it takes a year and a half, maybe two to get through it, because you’re doing such deep work on yourself.

Cryshtal: That really resonates with me because that’s what I have found as well: that whether it’s myself helping a client or a client and their horse, if I’m not energetically balanced and if I don’t do my rituals, or if I don’t make sure that I’m in a space and a place where I’m ready to begin the session… and if the clients, the human client, isn’t prepared to look at themselves and to also do the energy work, whatever manifests is superficial.

The rest is more surfacey. Is that what you find in your work? If you don’t prepare energetically?

Katherine: Yes. I find you get two kinds of things, like something has built up over time and they realize, oh, it’s not working. They say “come help me” and they’re prepared and ready to do the work because 90 percent of it is sticking with that appointment time. And then you’ll get people that’ll say, “oh my gosh, this is wrong. I need help. Oh, it’s gone away so I don’t need you”. And that’s when I really tell people, I’m like, “that energy is just subsiding so that you don’t have to face it. This is 100 percent work and it’s 100 percent you”.

Cryshtal: Yeah. And it’s not always easy for humans to hear that or be ready.

Katherine: Kids and horses and the animals are just like, oh, okay, let’s go. And then you get the people (adults) and they’re like, well I’m not sure. So I say okay, when you’re ready, how does this energy serve you? And let’s either boost it or get rid of it.

Cryshtal: Don’t you find that sometimes you need to walk away if they’re not ready and they’re not open so that you can put your energy and your gifts where they are ready to be received?

Katherine: Yes. That is a wonderful way to put it because I really, I want to help. I just want to help. I want to be there for those souls that need it. But I have to pause in a moment, check in with myself, check in with my team and say, is this for me? And is this the right time? And really listen.

If it’s no. Okay. And I turn around and walk away. And that is by Golly, gosh, the hardest thing to swallow sometimes.

Cryshtal: So, as a healer, as a person who was born in this life to help others heal. Is that what you’re saying? That that’s where the difficulty is?

Katherine: Oh yes, I have to continually check in with it being okay with myself, you know, knowing I’m a healer but it’s not for me to take on in that moment, and it is okay. I’m checking in and I’m hearing it’s not for me at this time. It just, it is, it’s hard. It’s very tough.

Cryshtal: You know, I, I love that you are talking about this aspect and I think it’s worth highlighting for people because I believe many people drawn to my work are similar to you and I in this world, and they experience the world maybe in similar ways that we do, and I have to say for me it was very difficult.

Most of my life, I mean to the point where we can manifest illness in ourselves if we take on things that we’re not supposed to or try and save the world kind of a thing. And then we’re of course of no use to anyone or any being that we would like to help and that our soul calls us to help. And I have to say, for me, it’s only been a few years ago and I’m 41 now. Um, so in my late thirties I had a mentor that shared something that really changed my life. And her words, of course were perfectly said and I won’t remember them exactly. But basically my takeaway and something that I carried with me to this day that really changed everything was, if you try to help someone or take on something for someone that isn’t yours it will come back stronger or harder at a later time, and will be more difficult for them. And that changed everything because as an empath, it’s like, oh I definitely don’t want to bring on things that are more painful or difficult for another being. Is that something that you’ve experienced or how does that, you know, does that resonate with you? And it totally resonates with me. .

Katherine: One of, one of the things I’m supposed to let you know, um, I remember being called in to work on a huge thoroughbred, just this jet black beautiful thoroughbred. And I always ask outside of the stall, um, you know, and this was probably about the fourth horse of the day. And I’m like, okay, yeah, this is the next one I ask outside of the stall. And it was just this resounding no. And it really took me by surprise because it was not only hearing the resounding no, but just feeling that invisible wall that said, you’re not going any more forward. And then just kind of sitting and looking at this horse and the energy that was around this horse in that moment was just, and this may sound very, very gross, it was like green, slimy pustules all over this horse encapsulated in it and the owner standing there saying, I need your help, I need your help and I’m seeing this and I’m just sitting there with the, no, it’s not for me or you at this moment. And it was so strong. But the other pieces that were given to me in that moment as well were, “this is above your pay grade and if you try this, you will not be able to do this anymore”.

And it was hard after because the owner of the horse, you know, was like, “well she wouldn’t help me”.

And hearing that is very hard from the humanistic three dimensional. But also telling her you’re not ready yet for this was hard as well. But, if I don’t take care of myself, I am not any good to anybody else and just as I have to work through things, so do my clients.

Cryshtal: I so love that story. That’s a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that. I feel this guidance to just take a moment and let that really settle and let it sit because I feel like that story is so powerful and I feel that anyone listening to it that’s drawn to this work as you and I are, whatever capacity they’re drawn to it in whatever way they do it or how it affects them will feel the power in this story. I feel like that story is powerful because we have to be able to say no when we get the guidance. We have to.

Katherine: Yes, we have to.

Cryshtal: We have to let that sit and take that in again because as someone who is so clearly called in this life, to be a healer, to be able to say no, that is where your power is. The fact, for instance, that day, your heart wanted to help. Of course, that’s who you’re called to be and in this world to do and to be able to say no because you knew it was the right thing to do is so powerful and important. And you were at a place where your wisdom, your inner guidance, your team, your experiences, that knowledge you carried… everything…would not allow you to act without integrity. So for anyone that’s drawn to this discussion and this work, could you talk more about where that has shown up for you? I just feel like that could be so powerful.

Katherine: It has shown up in the client work, you know, of healing.

It has shown up as as blooming and learning through all of the energy work, it’s shown up in those pieces of friendships or acquaintances that their energy from the humanistic point also that’s tough because that can be, you know, friends that you’ve had for a long time that once you raise your vibration and they’re not quite staying there or raising theirs, it’s that self realization that again, it comes back to I’ve got to make sure I’m the best that I can be and drop the fear comes with it and the loss or the feeling of loss. But then in the same breath when one piece is moving away, there’s another piece that you may not see, but it is coming closer. Even if there’s that feeling of loss and you can’t send that next piece, it’s calmer and you meet these amazing beings and people and animals that are sometimes the reason those others have have dropped off and it’s okay too. That is growth and it’s uncomfortable sometimes and then when you get comfortable, things shift and it’s okay. You know, we’re not in a society that always sees that as okay, but it is.

Cryshtal: Yes, that so resonates. A lesson that keeps coming for me from the animals, from mother earth, from the energy, and of course my guides is there’s beauty in it all, every bit of it. I love how you talked about the judgment that it’s not always acceptable in our society to be different. Maybe we’re on different vibrations and it’s time to drift apart or go away from each other or it doesn’t feel good, but like you said, it is okay and that’s one of the reasons that conversations with people like you are so important to me, it’s sending ripples. I feel like it is time to really send those ripples into the Universe in an active way because so many are feeling that call. Also, there are plenty that are not ready to step into it. Maybe because of what we’re taught or what society says is acceptable and those of us that feel the call to get out there and talk about it and send those ripples into the Universe in whatever way calls to us… I feel like we really have to. And that is absolutely one of the reasons I was so excited to talk to you because I feel like at the core, that’s what we’re doing here today.

So Katherine, I wonder, is there anything you feel is really important to let people know? People who have been called to this conversation? What do you think people really need to know about life with horses?

Katherine: I think that with is the important word in that question because with my horse is not just riding and I don’t know if it’s as I age, my quality time, where I deepen my relationship is often around the grooming or the hand grazing. I find because I have horses that range from age five to age thirty that each one has their own way of being with me and you know, one’s the joker and one is the, “I just want to be beside you”. The other is with me everywhere like, “I will show you”. And then the other one is, “well, what are we going to do today? Because we got to find something to think about”.

And it’s just an honor being with them and in time, it’s made such improvements in my riding time with them and I guess you just gotta not only hang with it but be with it and to each their own. And that’s the truth. That’s the true spirit of take them as they are, find those wonderful, positive and move the positive forward and the rest will catch up.

It’ll catch up. But I want to take those positives and polish them and shine them.

Cryshtal: That’s powerful. Thank you. And you know, I’d love if you would tell us, for all that might want to connect with you or work with you or have you come and help them, could you tell us more about how to get in touch with you?

Katherine: I have two different websites. The best energy work healing and the explanations of the Melchizedek Method and courses would be available at www.elementalclearing.com. There is an elemental clearing facebook page as well. The other website is www.blazingstarstables.com and that shows more of the barn here and the stables and the area. I branched it because I ended up having human clients that weren’t horsey. I had to kind of create the elemental clearing, but it resonates because I use the elements in nature and we’re clearing the low vibrations out.

Cryshtal: And do people need to be in your local area to be a client? No, I can do distance work. If there was a group of people that wanted to become practitioners of the Melchizedek Method, I will come out and teach the four day course. If people want to contact me on facebook, there’s both. Both of those elemental clearing and blazing star stables have facebook pages and you can contact me through there or the website and if it is meant to be, there will be a way that we get together. If we need to be three dimensional together and learning that way or if we coexist and work on the energy level from a distance.

Cryshtal: Katherine, I just want to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy and your spirit with us today and helping to keep sending those ripples into the universe.

Katherine: I am honored. This is awesome. Thank you so much.

Cryshtal: Thanks. I hope we can have more conversations in the future.

Katherine: Most definitely.

Cryshtal: Aloha.

Katherine: Aloha. See you later.

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