Are Clairsentient healers able to heal people who have undiagnosed illnesses?



Are Clairsentient healers able to heal people who have undiagnosed illnesses?

By Cryshtal Avera



The purpose of this research is to discover if people who are clairsentient, otherwise known as empaths, are able to heal people who have undiagnosed illnesses.  The subject of psychic phenomena is controversial.  Many people believe psychics and psychic healers are scam artists.  Clairsentients are psychic people who are extremely sensitive and feel the emotions or physical state of others.  This research draws upon experiences of clairsentients who are natural healers, experiences of those who have been helped by clairsentients, and explores the point of view of skeptics, along with scientific studies on psychic phenomena and clairsentient healers. This research shows that psychic phenomena are real and people who have struggled with illness or chronic symptoms that have gone undiagnosed can often find relief through working with a clairsentient healer.  Another result of this research shows that clairsentients, due to their extreme sensitivity to the feelings and physical experiences of others, often become ill with symptoms that go undiagnosed. Working with energy healing modalities to release the illness or emotions that are not theirs is necessary for relief.  This research highlights the importance of energy as a part of a balanced and healthy life.


Are Clairsentient healers able to heal people who have undiagnosed illnesses?

The body’s energy field has various names in different cultures.  Traditional Chinese Medicine defines energy as qi (pronounced chi) and Ayurveda defines it as prana.  Though the labels may differ, the concept is the same.  Energy flow is necessary for optimal health and every living thing emanates energy (Gupta).

Dr. Peng Wang, a Chinese medical doctor, says, “The body contains two

opposing forces: yin and yang. When these forces are in balance, the body ishealthy.

healthy. Energy, called qi, flows like rivers along pathways or meridians. The

constant flow of energy keeps the yin and yang balanced. However, the flow of

energy can sometimes be blocked, like water getting stuck behind a dam. A

disruption in the flow of energy can lead to illness” (Gupta).

Clairsentients are people with the unique psychic ability to feel what others feel, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally, and often both. Through a natural ability to feel what others feel, a clairsentient usually senses through an indescribable knowing-ness the root cause of an undiagnosed illness that may stem from blocked energy, emotional trauma the patient is not aware of, or even a spirit attachment.  Upon identifying the root cause, clairsentients, who are natural healers are able to then help the sufferer who is open and seeking their help to find relief.

In order to consider the description given above as viable regarding clairsentients and energy healing, the concept of psychic phenomena, otherwise knows as psi, must first be scrutinized.  Are psychic phenomena real?  Dean Radin’s book states, “The most curious aspect of psi experiences is that they seem to transcend the usual boundaries of time and space” (Radin 102).

Paradoxes and anomalies are used to explain experiences that may be otherwise labeled as psychic phenomena, in the science community (Radin 293).  Radin compares the consideration of anomalies to describe psychic phenomena to the concept of planting a seed.  The seed will need to withstand skepticism and prejudice in the same way seeds in gardens often need to endure herbicides.  Through this endurance, the seed may sprout and just might overcome obstacles to become a seedling of consideration for non believers (Radin 301).  Three broad classifications of anomalies exist related to the explanation of what some consider psychic phenomena or psi; Extrasensory perception (ESP), Psychokinesis (PK), and phenomena suggestive of survival after bodily death such as near death experiences (Radin 308).  In his book, Radin offers two poignant reminders.  The first reminder is, “Keep in mind that the names and concepts used to describe psi say more about the situations in which the phenomena are observed than about any fundamental properties of the phenomena themselves” (Radin 360).  A second necessary reminder Radin highlights is that science deals in theories and models rather than absolutes.  “Every scientific concept carries some qualification” (Radin 368).

In order to produce scientific substantiation that is given credence to, independent replication is necessary (Radin 1076).  Science is focused more on proclivities and consistent patterns than singular or notable individual events.  Meta-analysis is a process that allows the analysis to be analyzed; it digs deeper and uncovers more patterns of understanding using scientific theory than a less comprehensive approach (Radin 1102).  “The more data, the higher the confidence” (Radin 1109).

Considering the need for data analysis and thorough scrutinizing of all data, this essay presents that studies on psychic abilities have been gathered for more than 100 years.  Few theories have been proposed, however, which lessens the potential for scientific support of psychic abilities (Howard 189).  When considering scientific perspectives that support psychic phenomena, physics is brought to the forefront of the discussion. As physicist Bernard d’Espagnat wrote in an article in Scientific American, “The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment” (Radin 2624).  There have been many articles printed, and three studies on record regarding this subject.  Two of the studies showed results that support mental intention affects output and one of the three studies resulted in the exact same results that were expected to occur purely by chance (Radin 2647).  Two of the studies were conducted at MIT and one at Princeton University.  The study that showed results parallel to expectation of chance was conducted at MIT.  The two that supported the theory that mental input affects physical output were reported from MIT and Princeton University.

A recent expression of the problem, which is directly relevant to research on psychic phenomena, can be found in a speculation about quantum theory by physicist Euan Squires, published in 1987 in the European Journal of Physics.

If conscious choice can decide what particular observation I measure, and therefore into what states my consciousness splits, might not conscious choice also be able to influence the outcome of the measurement? One possible place where mind may influence matter is in quantum effects. Experiments on whether it is possible to affect the decay rates of nuclei by thinking suitable thoughts would presumably be easy to perform, and might be worth doing (Radin 2624-2632).

Research on scientific studies for proof of psychic phenomena resulted in the understanding that, due to lack of respect for the potential of psychic phenomena by the majority of scientists, not many true and thorough scientific studies have been conducted.  However, a large amount of data exists, and that will be the focus of presentation in this essay.  Radin, a scientist with a resume that makes him uniquely qualified to offer expertise on the subject of psychic phenomena, maintains that there have been “tens of thousands of anecdotes about psi experiences, thousands of studies, and are ongoing practical applications” (Radin 4126).

With a goal of finding further clarity on the subject of scientific support of psychic phenomena, the following experience was useful.  Army Chief Warrant Officer named Joe McMoneagle, who was employed to do remote viewing in a highly classified CIA program in September 1979 provided a prediction of the largest submarine in existence being built; the Typhoon class. CWO McMoneagle’s prediction, which offered specific unique attributes of the submarine as well as the timeline in which it would be completed and put in service proved to be accurate (Radin 3937).

Remote Viewing is one type of psychic phenomena also known as clairvoyance.  Dr. Radin describes remote viewing as “information received from a distance, beyond the reach of the ordinary senses. A French term meaning clear-seeing” (Radin 322).  Perhaps the best-known remote-viewing research in modern times began in the early 1970s, when various U.S. government agencies initiated a program at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a scientific think tank affiliated with Stanford University. In the late 1970s, SRI became an independent corporation called SRI International, which is the name it goes by today (Radin 2047).  Joe McMoneagle was one of the most consistently accurate of the remote viewers in the CIA program and more information is available now that the program has been declassified by the CIA (Radin 3955).

“In 1995, the CIA commissioned a review of the government-sponsored remote-viewing research.”  The oversight committee “included a Nobel laureate physicist, internationally known experts in statistics, psychology, neuroscience, and astronomy, and a retired U.S. Army major general who was also a physician” (Radin 2127-2133).  There were six key results.  One important result showed that 1% of those tested were consistently successful (Radin 2140).   Another key result showed that training did not improve remote viewing ability, indicating that one is either born with a natural remote viewing psychic ability or not.  A third very important key result the committee found was that “neither the use of electromagnetic shielding nor the distance between the target and the viewer seems to affect the quality of remote viewing” (Radin 2140-2147).  The results of the oversight committee indicate that people who are psychic have natural abilities and can further develop those with training and experience but those who do not cannot be taught to be a specific subset of psychic, i.e. clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, etc.  A person is either born with specific psychic abilities or not.

Having explored the scientific viewpoints of psychic phenomena, this research moves on to focus on clairsentients, a subset of psychic people with the natural ability to feel what others feel who often know the root emotional cause of pain.  Clairsentients are often told by people around them that they are “too sensitive”.  Many do not know they are clairsentient, therefore are unable to recognize that many times they are reflecting in their actions the emotions of those around them.  With training and practice, clairsentients can learn to separate and identify what emotions belong to others from their own (Perry 256).

Empathy is the ability to feel what another person, animal, or spirit is feeling—to put yourself in their shoes so to speak—or into their pain, suffering, depression, illness, etc. An empath is a person who uses emotional intuition to understand or connect with others (Perry 256).  Children are born with the natural ability to feel another person’s feelings and are intuitive.  However, adults have learned to shut that intuition down in most cases and teach children to ignore their intuitions in most societies (Perry 256-262).

Clairsentients not only feel others’ feelings, but often feel physical pain.  Elaine N. Aron, PhD states that 20% of the population are clairsentients; she calls them “highly sensitive people”.  Often these HSPs become overburdened with the energy and emotions of others and can begin to feel drained and emotionally stressed.  Clairsentients might feel emotions and feelings of others in the same room or in another city, state, or country (Perry 275).

Dr. Aron offers two facts when explaining highly sensitive people.  The first fact is that “everyone feels best when neither too bored nor too aroused” (Aron 85).  The second fact presented by Dr. Aron is that “People differ considerably in how much their nervous system is aroused in the same situation, under the same stimulation” (Aron 86).  Dr. Aron describes a difference for HSPs regarding how they notice levels of stimulation and says HSPs seem to “just know” things; they have what is known by many as the “sixth sense” (Aron 87-88).  HSPs, Dr. Aron says, “are usually the visionaries, wise people, and inventors in society” (Aron 88).  There is a downside for HSPs which is becoming highly aroused where most people would be mildly aroused in situations.  This can cause HSPs to have what appears to be a nervous breakdown (Aron 88).  Dr. Aron calls the shutdown point of over arousal for HSPs trans marginal inhibition, a term coined by turn of the century Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov (Aron 89).

In her book, Dr. Aron gives an example of a college student who came to participate in her study on sensitive people.  Kristen appeared frazzled and had hit emotional rock bottom, it appeared.  Kristen answered the questions in the interview, presenting a story of a childhood that sounded familiar to Dr. Aron.  Kristen was described by her mother as spacey and grumpy as a child.   Kristen had always felt things very deeply and could become over aroused easily.  Her parents believed there must be a diagnosis and put her through years of testing, so the result was a child who felt something was wrong with her.  When Kristen left a sheltered home experience for college she became over aroused often and ultimately became so overwhelmed during a visit to Japan to meet her boyfriend’s family that she shut down emotionally, lost all sense of self confidence, and needed to be completely alone.  Her boyfriend thought she was “acting crazy” and broke up with her.  By the time Kristen entered Dr. Aron’s office she was asking, “am I crazy?” (Aron 79-80).  This is something many clairsentients identify with; questioning whether they are crazy.

Dr. Aron shares four repeated experiences she has had teaching and studying HSPs, at the University of Santa Cruz, as well as in her personal experience as an HSP:

spontaneous deep silence creating a hallowed kind of collective presence, considerate behavior, soul/spirit directness, and insight about all of this. These four are strong evidence to me that we, the royal-advisor class, are the “priest” class, supplying some kind of ineffable nourishment to our society. I cannot presume to label it. But I can offer some observations (Aron 575).

This research will move on to the concept of energy healing. Dr. Deepak Chopra says the solution to imbalances that will ultimately result in sickness if not addressed is to

Break out of the duality of “I’m okay” and “I have to see a doctor.” There are many shades of gray, not a simple black or white solution. Pay attention to our body’s subtle signals. Take them seriously; don’t withdraw your attention. There is a vast array of hands-on healers, energy workers, and body-oriented therapies that specifically address subtle imbalances before they reach the stage of disease (“Spiritual Solutions” 85).

Quantum physics proves that everything, even something that appears solid, is made up of energy when viewed at an atomic or subatomic level.  “Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are a subtle form of energy” (Perry 262).  Today, scientists agree that everything—even what we once thought to be empty space—is actually comprised of particles and waves of energy. We are much more powerful than we realize. Not only are we affected by this ever-changing field of energy, our DNA, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can rearrange the field as we interact with one another (Perry 269).

Every person alive wants to feel good and be healthy.  All who experience chronic pain desire a solution to be able to find relief.  There are many examples of chronic symptoms experienced by frustrated people who simply want to feel good and, though they continuously seek medical intervention, are unable to find relief.  This essay highlights two of the most common symptoms chronically experienced in western society that go un diagnosed for years and sometimes lifetimes; fatigue and insomnia.  Research uncovered various accounts of experiences and in his book Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra offers many personal experiences with clients through the years he worked as an Emergency Room doctor.  One identified to be relevant to this research was a patient who he consistently saw in the ER that had extreme fatigue and insomnia among other symptoms.  She had been tested many times for various ailments and was unable to get a diagnosis, as the doctors she saw reported that she presented with a clean bill of health.  She had been sick most of her life, however, and continued to be miserable, visiting the ER often.  One day she had an extra long break at work and took a blanket to the park and had a picnic, listening to Mozart using her headphones, lying in the sun.  She reported that she had the most restful sleep she’d had in years that night.  However, she went back to being miserable the next day and continued her ER visits.  At one point, in a conversation, she was relaying her experiences and frustration explaining that she did not know what she was doing wrong.  Dr. Chopra told her he was happy to have found a deficiency he could treat; a picnic deficiency.  She got the point and began adding in time sitting in nature, listening to Mozart, and doing things that fed her soul and quieted her mind.  Her health improved (“Quantum Healing” 1514 – 1534).

In his book Self Care for the Self Aware, Dave Markowitz a clairsentient himself, gives many examples of clients who have come to him having pursued allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, and other genres of medicine yet continued to have chronic symptoms; largely fatigue and insomnia.  Dave gives detailed information about how clairsentients absorb energy of others and must learn to give it back to the original source, which can be a challenge for an untrained clairsentient.  Often chronic illness and disease are the result of lack of awareness or ability to release the energy of others.  Dave helps other clairsentients learn skills to be able to better understand their empathic gifts as well as give emotional and physical pain back to the person it originated from, with incredible results for his clients.  Reading Dave’s work provided further insight into the illnesses people chronically suffer from and the realization that many who become sick due to absorbing energy of others are clairsentients.  Other clairsentients who trained and experienced can help them release the energy that does not belong to them and they are able to heal (Markowitz 163-223).  Energy healing may be needed because a clairsentient person has absorbed the emotional or physical pain of someone else or could be necessary simply because the energy flow best known as qi is stuck.  This research uncovered the difference in the two healing needs as well as the similarities.

Most scientists who say psychic phenomena, therefore clairsentients, are not real usually casually do so due to a lack of understanding as well as being uncomfortable with, and judgmental of, the subject.  An action known as a cold reading where a person claims to be psychic and uses specific strategies to recognize body language and make an educated guess as to what the subject might be thinking or about something or someone in their life is cited by many critics to be what is occurring and that psychics are not real (Stollznow).  This research does not negate the fact that there are people who use the cold reading strategy and are not psychic.  However, this essay has proven that there are many examples of readings that are not done using the cold reading technique and psychic phenomena is real.  Details have been found that show there is a resistance by scientists to delve into the subject of psychic phenomena, therefore very few scientific studies exist.  However, there is data that dates back at least 100 years showing consistencies and thoroughly analyzed data as Dr. Radin’s work highlights.  Much of the proof of psychic phenomena is unavailable due to the classified nature of US Government projects.  However, the fact remains that scientific theory by nature is just that, theory.

True scientific research is not intended to provide a black and white answer, but to seek understanding through patterns and specific formulas, as well as consistencies that show probabilities.  Regarding clairsentients helping people with chronic conditions heal, this research shows that often clairsentients, themselves, become sick and need help from other clairsentients to release emotional or physical energy taken on, while stuck energy flow can be released with Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and other energy healing modalities.

Though there is not one clear explanation for the deeply layered subjects of psychic phenomena, clairsentients, and energy healing, the scientific data available is of high enough quality and quantity to prove psychic phenomena is real and that healing through typical channels is often unavailable, whereas energy healing and the power of the mind have the ability to provide relief.  These take more time and true reflection on the part of the patient as well as open mindedness by both the healer and the patient.   In this fast paced world of progressive technology, taking time to simply stop and reflect is not something that most feel they have the luxury of doing.




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