The feminine power within

I am feminine strength. I embrace my feminine power.  True feminine from my root chakra to my crown chakra and joined with spirit.  Tears, laughs, ebbs and flows of emotion. I go within and bear witness to this beautiful sacred feminine being; this soul of a seer, a healer, a channel for Mother Earth and the animal spirits to continue to guide me and share the holding of healing space.  I honor my highest self, my highest callings, that which has been waiting for me to step into this powerful essence.  I have seen my fear and been honest with myself, taking it in.  Breathing it in with love and understanding.  Fear of rejection, fear of the magnitude of my authentic power should I stop holding back.  It is real.  Sisters, mothers, beautiful feminine spirits; join me and feel my deep love and this essence of a global circle of women joined together by a golden thread of energy.  We lift you, we hold you, we SEE you.  Through owning our authentic power and releasing all those fears that have held us back we are ready to change the world.

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