One Empath’s New Orleans Experience

Synchronicity.  Flow.  Trust.


Having recently taken Deepak Chopra’s online courses titled “Synchrodestiny”,  I am in the mindset of watching for all coincidences and knowing synchronicity is the key.  Every challenge proposes a magical coincidence.  Every moment has the potential to lead to a powerful lesson or connection; if I am willing to trust.

A recent unfolding of my own synchro-destiny showed up in New Orleans.
I had never been particularly pulled to New Orleans but knew I could enjoy the city.   Something told me there was a reason I was being pulled there.  I acknowledged it; trusting whatever I needed would show up when it was time… or not.

The first night there I insisted we go to Cafe Du Monde immediately after checking into our hotel.  I mean, fried french donuts and coffee with lots of milk in it?  Come on!  I am Southern after all.  We arrived around midnight and had our first beignets and cafe aulait in NoLa.  There are no words!

As we walked around the next day I was floating, energetically.  As an empath, this shows up for me as a feeling of spinning or being unable to keep a focus on any one thing.  I am unable to hold a conversation or be in the moment when this happens.  I had intended protection, energetically, and could feel myself being pulled by the powerful NoLa energy.

I was given guidance to get in the bathtub at the hotel with some specific essential oils and trusted it. I have learned, as an empath, that water offers cleansing energetically and this helps me shed stuff I have picked up.

Here’s where it got interesting.  I had a clear feeling come to me that the challenging pull of this powerful city was offering me an opportunity to stand fully in my truth as an empath, a seer, a psychic being with a natural propensity for energy healing.  I knew, through feeling, that it was time and I was ready to fully embrace my true self and stand grounded in truth.  My personal form of reading and receiving messages happens to be focused on getting truths for others that will help personal growth and healing come to them.  It was no accident that NoLa was offering me the exact form of message that comes to me for others.  I trusted the guidance.  I instinctively knew to send energy and light to my first 3 chakras envisioning roots grounding me into mother earth.  I was given a vision of light surrounding me and knew I was protected.

Once I acknowledged the message and grounded myself I was able to remain open to what came next.  Moving forward I had a renewed vision of myself.  I saw the powerful energy healer with love and light to share.  I walked around the city, connecting, grounding, with each step.  I was able to feel all the energy around me and see its beauty, basking in my own beautiful light.  I kept a strong core through pulling energy in and down into my solar plexus where personal power lives.  I was then able to receive all the energy and be aware of the spirits and layers of NoLa without floating.  Powerful.
We booked a swamp tour and I knew I was being called there for something.  We were in the boat for a couple hours.  Many red tail hawks showed up, 7 alligators chose to make themselves visible, turtles basking in the sun on logs were there, and the moss on the trees gently flowed as if to give us a big loving hug.  I set the intention to accept whatever showed up and sent light to the heart of each being that gave us the gift of their presence.  The healing light of the swamp surrounded us and flowed through me.

After that I was more grounded in my truth, knowing that the powerful experience in the swamp came after my acceptance of the challenge to honor myself fully, embrace my true callings authentically, letting go of any lingering doubt or worry about what others might think.
I have always received messages from animals but suppressed it until a little over a year ago.  I trusted the information I received to an extent but was in complete denial that energy healing with and through the animals as well as true communication psychically and telepathically was happening.  It had been so outside of my reality based on all I had been taught about what was real, that I couldn’t possibly even consider it as something that was part of me.  The last decade committed to studying horse psychology and the art of horsemanship took me deeper inward, consistently close to mother nature through the horses and cattle and in beautiful synchronicity it brought me to a place where I could be open to finding myself; my true self which does not fit any labels or identities that many acknowledge or even accept.  As a life long people pleaser (in recovery), I recognize the beauty and power of me being able to say with love, “I am okay if you don’t accept me or believe this is real”.  Ahhhhhhhhhh, sweet release.

Back to NoLa.  I continued the trip trusting guidance and going with flow.  Anytime I felt too much energy coming to me, I listened to guidance to bathe in warm water and essential oils.  I did energy cleansing exercises when called to.  I kept myself powerfully grounded.  I was completely in my truth, able to experience so much more than I had before.

I had been interested in learning more about voodoo while there, instinctively knowing there was more to it than what I had seen or heard of voodoo dolls.  Something told me there were spirituality and healing there.  I set the intention to have an opportunity come to me if and when it was right for my highest good … or not.  The night before our last full day I acknowledged that no opportunity to experience the spiritual side of NoLa from a seer’s perspective had come.  I accepted that it must not be the right time.  The next day we enjoyed some time on the streetcars and went to the farmer’s market.  We decided to visit a coffee shop we’d found before going back to the hotel for a rest (and another energetic cleansing bath for me, of course).  Before I knew it synchronicity began to flow.  My husband saw a voodoo shop we had passed that had been closed and suggested we go in.  We were greeted by a lovely lady at the door and immediately began a conversation that led to some clear messages I needed to hear.  Energetically, moments like that are shown to me as being lifted in light and floating on a cloud filled with love.  I knew we were in the right place.  Two books drew me to them and I knew they held information I was meant to have.  There were quite a few things that occurred for both of us there that provided me with clarity on synchronicity as well as some juicy lessons on my next steps in this magical journey.

The most beautiful offering was the last night when I experienced a message from the city of New Orleans letting me know through a vision of swirling energy and beautiful light that it was time to leave some things that no longer serve me there.  I was given a message that this city would receive into mother earth all that I needed to leave behind and had the power to convert it to love.
For me letting go of lingering ego, letting go of the pain I held onto where others had unknowingly hurt me when I offered so much of myself to them, and letting go of any self-doubt about my soul’s callings were ready to be released.  NoLa had called me to her to challenge me, show me my true power, and take what I no longer needed, with love.  She had called me to her because I was ready.
Whatever your thoughts as you read about my true experience of the world, my intention in sharing this experience from my most vulnerable place is to shed light on the right we all have to let our unique light shine.

Trust your inner callings, follow guidance to go or stay as the messages come to you.  Be you without labels or the need to explain to anybody else.

New Orleans is a city of so many layers and a place where each person that visits will have the experience he or she is ready for.  This is a city like no other that I have experienced; she can offer a superficial party time, but she has so much more to share.

Sharing from my authentic self, committed to love for myself and others, has shown me that there will be plenty of people who look at me glossy eyed, thinking I am off my rocker, unable to comprehend what I am saying.

It also means those whose truths resonate, who have an inner voice saying, “I connect to her and trust it”… those are the people in my tribe and I am in theirs.  To go through life soaring with eagles means we must be willing to accept and be honest about not resonating with those who we know we do not connect to.  For there is beauty in this for all.  By releasing ourselves from obligation to be liked and understood by everyone, we release others, as well…  and that is the juicy journey.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I live in New Orleans and am so delighted to read she showed you love and a good time 🙂 I’ve been away from my soul home for some time and miss her so much. Reading your reflections here helped me reconnect with my connection to Nola. Thank you ❤


    1. Aloha Marie, Thank you for connecting and sharing your alignment and for sharing the love for your home. She is a special one of a kind place! Sending you good vibrations and energy of aloha, Cryshtal


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