The other side of fear

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.  I recently read a post on Facebook with these words.
With my goal to complete my Parelli Level 4 I have learned so much about myself, and continue to.  There are two things that I’ve identified as major areas I need growth.

1. Lack of self compassion
2. Fear

I’ve written about both of these before along with getting in my own way, which is what I allow these two things to drive me to do.
Here’s the thing I’ve been processing lately; subconsciously, I’ve wanted so badly to be good enough, be approved, etc that I have, time and time again, gone to a place of “make” with my horse versus being able to allow or cause my idea to become her idea consistently.
Through my development I’ve worked so hard and have begun to do less “make”, but Parelli teaches us to always be rating ourselves.  I recognize more than ever that “make” is still in there.  I now understand that the consistency of allow in this partnership is one of the most important ingredients.  I’ve been contemplating what is at the root of this for me, knowing that’s where my answers are, and that’s where I’ll find the lessons I need to accomplish my goal of Level 4 (becoming the human I want to be).  This concept of my response to my fears seems to be holding the answer, or at least a large part of the answer.
The words, “everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear”, give me a different way to look at fear and an action plan.
May you step into your fears and get to the other side to find everything you ever wanted waiting for you…

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