Simply Allow…

My time with Jesse and Taxi has been focused on our job with the cattle lately, and oh what life lessons I’ve been offered!  The cattle offer so many lessons, and they have been the biggest inspiration for this post.
The Paniolo I’ve been honored to spend time learning from has taught me about using the psychology of the cows and setting up a situation for success.  Sound familiar?  He talks about how important it is not to chase them, scare them, or cause them to want to run from you.  Working with this herd reminds me of how important it is to allow life to unfold rather than think about how to control each moment.  I’ve been getting many opportunities to WAIT and WATCH and OBSERVE.  I’m reminded of how important it is to approach any conversation, whether it be with human or animal…or life experience…with the intention to engage and be present in the moment.  That means understanding that I don’t have the ability to know what the person is going to say or the ability to know what the horse or cows are gonna do.  I must commit to being one piece of the conversation. This is a great lesson!  I can’t preplan what I’ll say or do if I really want to be effective and connected.
And I REALLY DO want to be connected and effective 🙂  I must be able to trust that I have within me the ability to offer something without the need to plan before hand.  I have a solid foundation, I have a lot to offer.  And, of course, there’s the possibility that I won’t have anything to offer at that moment or may not know what to offer depending on the question I’m asked or the situation I’m presented with by the cattle or the horses.  And that’s okay.
I have the most success and progressive experiences with the horses, the cattle, and with people when I’m able to focus on them, asking and really hearing their response.
With the cattle, there is a lot of setting it up and waiting. Sometimes I have no other option than to wait and see…super powerful opportunity to get comfortable being patient.  If I set it up and have patience, I save myself lots of time and energy in the long run.
When it’s time to move the cattle, I need to prepare my timing so they are ready to go…best when they’ve come in for water or are all gathered in one area.  If that’s not the case I need to find them and begin calling until they show a desire to come with me.  If there are calves that got separated and need to go through the gate, the best solution is for me to back off, give space, and WAIT for the calf to go to his mama. In other words, simply get out if the way; do nothing. Hmmm.  Also, I’ve been given many opportunities to recognize how often I want to know if what I’m doing will “work” right now.  Wow; as much as I’ve worked on gaining patience, I’ve been given the beautiful gift of yet another mirror into myself.  I am not where I want to be regarding having patience, trusting the process, being present in the moment and being able to really ALLOW the being I’m communicating with to be engaged.  Daily, I am given opportunities to recognize this and progress.  It’s so interesting how powerful the mind is and how powerful our thought and behavior patterns are.  Even when we have clarity and recognize an area we aspire to gain growth in, we can still fall back a bit, into old patterns.  I’ve come to look at these challenges for myself as the juicy part of life.

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