The Power of SUPPORT – the 7th Key to Success

Over the years and through my experiences at the Parelli Centers I have come to recognize how powerful support is.  It began with an awareness of the importance of support in my horsemanship journey and has expanded to a deep realization that giving and receiving support (and asking for support) are a true key to a successful, fulfilled life.  Another beautiful realization that Parelli theory spans to touch all areas of our lives, not just with horses.  Way more than riding takes on a whole new meaning for me here.
I’ve recently had an experience that deepened my awareness of how important support is and, in this case, having support made it possible for me to get through a challenging time and has made the difference in the survival of my little dog who was bitten by two big dogs and fought the odds to stay alive.

Eleven days ago my little dog Leila found herself in a scary situation with our neighbors two dogs and ended up being bitten by both.  Once we got her we got the photonic health red light on her right away (she had a bulge in her abdomen so I started there) and headed to the emergency vet.  She was alert, but in pain, and we thought it might be serious but had no idea what was ahead.
After x rays the vet took us aside and showed us the results, saying that she had to go into emergency surgery right away and we needed to say goodbye in case she didn’t make it.  Whoa; we were not expecting that.
She made it through that surgery, but the vet wasn’t optimistic.  He had cut out 8 inches of small intestine, her colon had been ripped slightly, she had solid food in her gut, and almost lost a kidney.  Her insides were like cottage cheese in some areas he said and the potential for bacteria after this surgery was huge.  We began to visit with her twice a day and I used the red light each time.
I got on facebook and asked fellow red light distributors and Donna Woods of photonic health for tips on additional meridians and points I could use the light on.  They responded right away.
I also reached out to loved ones and facebook friends asking for healing thoughts and prayers.  There was a huge response and we felt all the love and support as we continued to wait and watch.
Day four showed signs of sepsis and the vet she was with recommended we take her to a specialist facility with a board certified surgeon and have them reassess right away for a second surgery.
We were told she needed surgery right away and the cycle began again.  She had the surgery and, this time, signs showed improvement each day and on day 9 after going into the first emergency vet, Leila came home to finish her recovery.  I have to include here that, knowing what we know now, we’d take Leila to the emergency center with the surgeons on site and state of the art equipment.  This could make or break the outcome in a situation like ours.
As we were driving home my husband and I were in awe and talked about this whole thing being surreal.  The beauty in all the support and healing energy we received from loved ones, friends on facebook, the staff at both vet centers was amazing and we are committed to paying that forward.  Looking for opportunities to offer support.  Many hearts coming together make for a powerful result.

Leila getting red light therapy during a visit

Learning and living the power of support at the Parelli Centers then being able to ask for it in an emergency situation where we needed love and strength to help us through has been such a beautiful opportunity to recognize how support truly is one of the keys to success, as Pat Parelli teaches.  I go back to his quote, “Take care of your horsemanship and it will take care of you”.  I recognize more as I continue this journey that to be a partner to a horse I have to seek to improve myself each day and be willing to see the truth.  As with so many other lessons I’ve gotten through Parelli, this one goes way beyond horses and into my life as a whole.  Each treasured piece of Parelli theory comes in to my life at just the right time to help me through or help me grow.
This particular experience has helped me stop and take a close look at how I’m manifesting my life with my thoughts and my actions.  Am I living in true gratitude each day?  Am I listening to my heart and following my passions?  Am I accepting that Life is Perfect and moving through each experience with that understanding?  I have a renewed intention to do all those things and to SUPPORT others in empowering themselves to do the things that feed their soul.  “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls” – Joseph Campbell


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