Stress Free Stockmanship

My mentor talks to me about stress free work with the cattle and how it’s important to not chase them, to back off when they move and you’ve asked them to, and so many times to simply wait…don’t do anything.  It truly is an art and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning with him.  I now do a lot of things on my own, which gives me the opportunity to absorb and experience what he has taught me.  Each experience I have with him I keep a strong focus on learning.  In this video, the cattle thought we might be there to move them and began to go.  I didn’t do anything but stop and wait. It was a wonderful opportunity to give Taxi his first experience with the herd moving and was very relaxed; stress free.  I am preparing him for his first move/sorting in a couple weeks so this was a great session for that!  I gave him the opportunity to follow them briefly and calmly and also asked him to push a couple calves that came near and learn he can move them as well as stop after they move.  Great session!

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