Life is THE Master Class

What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been … or seemed to have been.  I unexpectedly found myself in a position where I was looking for a new home and moving within 40 days.  My initial outlook and commitment was to surrender and allow for all the lessons that would come, as well as move forward with gratitude and emotional fitness.  My husband and I were clear on what each of our personal challenges might be and were ready to honor and learn from those.  Things I’ve learned through the Parelli Program, once again, were central aspects of how I would not only get through this but “enjoy the ride” and learn tons.  Of course there were also many moments of inner struggle when I was not, at that moment, able to remain in balance, emotionally.  I forgive myself for that and recognize it as part of my journey to growth.

I generally look for a key lesson with life’s experiences.  There have been so many, but here’s a BIG one.

When we feel challenged by something, emotionally, that is the very thing that tells us what we need to look for in ourselves as the area we need to face and find growth.

The beautiful thing about this is that we can get MAJOR GROWTH from the BIGGEST CHALLENGES.

Now, finding the balance between facing our fears/challenges and pushing ourselves over the cliff is another art in itself:)

We are now settling into our new home where I feel at peace and connected; inspired to write and continue growth within myself and with my horse.  I’ll be able to grow our food, have our hens all around and sit in the afternoon sun at the beach or in the yard just being…

The community here is a supportive, connected one, where neighbors put out avocados on the corner with a sign that says “avos 70 cents” and a bucket where you put your money; the honor system.

In some ways, I feel like I’ve gone back to my little home town in Western NC; certainly back to my roots…I know I’ve come home.  What’s the definition of home?  Like most horse questions the answer to this life question is “it depends”.  For me, home is being connected to my life’s purpose, loving and honoring that, believing in it and committing myself to it so that I may feel at peace and keep my passion.

The things I mentioned about this new home we were guided to are all connected to my soul path and my life purpose.  Life is perfect:)

What are the major challenges you have faced or are facing?  What are the big opportunities and lessons available to you?

…with gratitude that I may share my passion with you…may you find your home wherever you are


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