Pivot Points

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves with big decisions to make due to unforeseen circumstances or situations where we’ve done everything we could, but the outcome is different than we had hoped.  These are pivot points.  As Jim Patterson who offered a Play to Win workshop during the Externship told us, we can STOP, CHALLENGE, AND CHOOSE our response.  STOP to think about our thoughts, words, and reactions and really notice what the attitude we have is.  CHALLENGE any negative attitude and patterns of behavior we might have begun to fall into.  CHOOSE to move forward with the thoughts, actions, and attitude that will help us get a better result.  I’ve had some big opportunities since returning home from the Externship a month ago to utilize the things Jim taught us.  A chain of events that I know have big meaning has occurred, and I find myself selling a home, required to find a new home in 30 days, get creative with a business to find infusion of funds and keep my horsemanship on track to Level 4 so I can activate my 2 Star License and continue following my dreams.  I’ve had experiences in the past, especially through 7 years of opening and owning a business, that have provided opportunities to learn to accept big challenges and scary times I couldn’t control.  I find myself reflecting on all that has been put before me now and looking more from a place of wondering what the lesson is and what the message is.  I truly believe every experience in life is as it should be to teach us what we need to learn and similar experiences keep coming around if we continue to need the lesson.  Also, as I go through life and watch the experiences of myself and others, it seems that big challenges sometimes arise so we can reflect on growth and recognize where we’ve come.
As I have this experience, I continually see that I can STOP worrying patterns, CHALLENGE any assumptions or distress and CHOOSE to find constant gratitude, believe my journey will unfold as it is supposed to, and be in the now versus constantly thinking about someday.  This has become my focus rather than the specifics of the situation.  I think of as the, “it’s not about the…”we learn from Linda Parelli. By doing this, I’m able to often find the thought “How interesting” floating through my mind.  The truth is I go in and out of the place I want to be as well as the place fear can take me to in my mind, but I am aware this is the reality of our life’s journey.
I have discovered that, through writing, I connect with so many of you and a big part of my journey is to continue to do that in a way that resonates or inspires and to be open and ready for your responses, which resonate and inspire me so much.  To share the ups and downs and the reality of this journey and the “school of life” is my passion, which I know is the biggest reason Parelli is the core of my dream.
I am at a major pivot point in my life where some big areas are coming together to change in what feels like a bit of a whirlwind.  I am committed to standing outside it as often as possible and looking in with wonder, allowing it to unfold, while remaining active and engaged.  My daily goal is to look for the lessons and the directions the Universe is giving me.  To let it all unfold without trying to control everything, but to allow the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place perfectly, which looks messy and chaotic at times.  My attitude and outlook is my choice and I keep a strong focus on that.  When things like money, a home, our family’s happiness, and a place for animals we love are in question, the biggest opportunities to focus on the perfection of each moment, each experience, and each challenge are there.
As I go through this pivot point in my life, I think about writing to connect with others who have stories of pivot points and hope you’ll share pivot points in your life and how those brought you to the place you are.  My hope is that by opening up and sharing, others will be strengthened if facing challenging times in their lives, as well.  What are some pivot points you’ve faced in your life?  How have they been a gift and how did you go through those experiences?  Here’s to life’s biggest uncertainties; for they are the moments that give us strength, clarity, and the beautiful opportunities to be the best of who we are.

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