Making a Shift; Externship = Big Growth

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about “the shift”; a change human beings make based on an epiphany or major life experience.  I interpret it as, when we are ready to open up, opportunities for awareness and growth are available.  Then we can make a shift, which will enrich and change our lives.  I look for opportunities to learn and grow each day and the Externship experience is offering many challenges based on my fears and weaknesses, which allow me to look them in the face and say Thank You for the opportunity…another Dr. Dyer recommendation:)  Man, it’s not easy to say the least, but the beauty in this experience has really been deepened by incorporating that concept.  Linda Parelli says, “life is perfect” and I’ve been so inspired by her ability to remain in that space and mindset with things that must have been so challenging.  She gives gratitude for every experience.  Like so many of you, I view Linda as a balanced, evolved human being who sets the standard for the type of human being and woman I aspire to become.  So, I look for her approach to things in life and focus on those as areas I want to grow in and strategies I make an effort to incorporate.  Over the years, I’ve had some challenges that felt overwhelming that brought great beauty and big gifts to my life.  However, I wasn’t able to see that going in, and ended up in the dark time after time.  Often, Linda’s writings and words would come to mind when I would be at the darkest part of the experience.  “Life is Perfect” or “The dark comes before the dawn” concepts are things I have not only read or heard Linda say, but the witnessing of her living this philosophy impacted me enough that it helped me pull myself up by the bootstraps and begin to look for the gifts and accept that each experience was/is exactly what I needed.  So, these many gifts have brought me to a place where I now look for the gifts in each challenge.  Oprah Winfrey says lessons show up as whispers and we sometimes need a brick upside the head to finally get it.  Well, I’ve had a few of those and am finally looking for the gift in challenges.
I came into the Externship with a plan to look for gratitude in each personal challenge and I am happy to say I’ve been able to find that gratitude and have had many opportunities to be challenged.  For me, a big challenge is public speaking, especially in front of my peers and mentors here at the Parelli Ranch.  I have set my sights on growth in this area while I’m here and Teri Sprague 4 Star Parelli Professional, and Externship coach extraordinaire, provides an amazing environment of stretching but not pushing so I am constantly able to stay in the growing zone and not reach the edge of the cliff:)  Such mastery as a teacher is inspiring and a wonderful opportunity to learn by watching her approach each day.  I have reflected on the cause of my nerves around presenting and believe that, at the root of it is a lack of belief in myself.  This is something I’ve been challenging myself to overcome through this past year, as I turned 35 and realized that was the area I needed to really focus on to move forward with the life I desire and require for myself.  So, back to “the shift”.  A shift appears to me to be a moment when openness, desire to grow, and reaching the ability to be grateful for the challenges and fears all come together and opportunities or connections show up with other humans (and, for me,  horses present these opportunities often times).  A shift is true awareness and absorption of the lesson to a place that resonates deep into our soul.  Getting it on a level that even our brains can’t get in the way of:)  However, our minds have to be open and seeking to allow it to happen.   A shift has occurred for me regarding my challenge this year on believing in myself and loving myself.  The Parelli program resonates with me in all the areas of life that matter for me; my values, passion for horses, desire for consistent self growth, and many other genuine interests/beliefs.  To be at the Parelli Ranch, in the Externship, and have these three amazing people give me the feedback they did brought a shift in my heart, my soul, and even my brain that I am a part of this family.  I am still processing, but I can tell you that moment by moment a change is happening for me deep inside that is showing up as true inner confidence and self love.  I believe this is due to my clarity on Parelli being the lifestyle and pathway for me in all key areas that are important for me.  Experiencing yet again, but in a bigger way, that Parelli is all about changing the world for horses and humans has brought a shift in my life experience that will enrich and change me forever.  Gratitude doesn’t begin to express how I feel.  I have a sense of calm joy and knowledge that this is a big step that will show up as growth in many areas of my life.  This is big, really big, but I’m not surprised.  It’s what Parelli does, is all about, and I am so excited to be a Parelli Professional, and go out into the world and pay it forward.  Here’s to you making a shift…find the beauty in every challenge and the gift in each mistake.

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