Soaring with Eagles – Externship Experience

As the fourth week of the externship closes, I am have so many experiences and lessons learned I want to share.  I have been changed for the better and know I will leave with much growth in skills, confidence, teaching skills, and self awareness.  The biggest gift has become so clear to me recently.  This experience is allowing me to truly soar with eagles, so to speak.  I look around every day and am surrounded by amazing human beings.  People who share my passion and are committed to it, but more than that, people who are truly beautiful from the inside out.  Each one has a unique gift or strength and just being in their presence sets me up for success; makes me better.  Surrounding ourselves with others who are what and who we want to be is a concept I have long believed in.  This experience, however, is the best lesson I’ve gotten that shows me how true it is.  Our Externship Coach, 4 Star Parelli Professional, Teri Sprague is far better than any words I have can describe.  She pushes us so we stretch, but helps us not go so far we go over the cliff.  She gives us guidance in the exact moment and exact situation where we can use it and, seemingly, we become better in an instant.  She makes each and every one of us feel that we are capable, skilled enough and worthy of being here and that we can do amazing things.  She is changing our lives by being who she is (authentically), and oh what an inspiration that is!  Not to mention what an incredible horsewoman she is.  It’s like being at an ongoing clinic for 3 months.  I am determined to remain in gratitude throughout this experience.  Can you imagine being surrounded each day for 90 days, by people who are each the caliber of human being you want to be?  Well, I am having that experience.  Everywhere I look, I see amazing skills.  Everywhere I turn, there is support.  Every day I feel lifted up by someone who is inspiring or helping me in some way.  One fellow extern is helping me overcome my nerves surrounding public speaking with tips and support based on her 14 years teaching on the subject, and I am truly growing.  Another gal shares some of my RB tendencies and by making herself vulnerable every day so that she can grow, and by being open and honest about it, she helps me continue to put myself out there. There are key aspects to being a part of a course like this at the Parelli Campus that make a real impact.  Genuine support, mastery, passion and dedication are a few big keys. By being at a place that exudes these things through the people who created it and those who maintain it, as well as being in a group where each person embodies each of them, creates a perfect storm of learning and BIG GROWTH!!  What are your dreams?  What’s standing in your way?  Are you soaring with eagles every day?  Follow your bliss…and be aware of your surroundings.  They are a reflection of the life you are creating for yourself.  

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