Pressure is a gift

This journey continues to unfold in beautiful and surprising ways.  The latest opportunity for growth has been through my preparation for the Externship in May.  I, as a RBE, have discovered pressure can really bring out fear, anxiousness, and lack of confidence: and I can get quite “fizzy.  All those things can come together and create a self fulfilling prophecy of “I’m not good enough”.  I’m done with that.  I’m taking charge of my thoughts and working at it daily.  Now that I have gone through a 3 week period where I put constant pressure on myself to try to meet the horsemanship requirement to confirm my spot in the Externship, I’m looking back and reflecting on what challenges I can learn from and the growth opportunities.  As an aside, I’d like to mention that I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal per the latest book by Rhonda Byrne titled, “the Magic”.  Also, I’m following Dr. Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins closely right now and my focus is on gratitude and creating the life I desire with my thoughts.  Becoming the human I want to be.  Honorable, Inspired, Passionate, Humble.  So, back to the reflections.  One thing I’ve peeled back another layer on is The Gift of Pressure.  I saw Tony Robbins talking about two performers he’d met who described the same reaction before they go on stage…but each of them called it something different.  One called it anxiety and another called it happy excitement.  One felt she needed therapy and help to get rid of it and another loved having it because it told him he was ready for the performance.  Then, I saw Dr. Dyer talk about how we can choose to view each challenge in our lives as a gift to help us fulfill our destiny.  I realized that’s what I need to do.  I need to change my view on pressure to label it as a gift to help me grow and look at each challenge that comes my way as a true blessing.  It’s up to me and I can change my life in a moment, by changing my thoughts.  I have made the decision to choose to genuinely view pressure and challenges as gifts that are given to me to help me grow into the human I want to be.  I am gaining more and more clarity on my core values, commitments and who I am, so that helps.  The gift in this realization before the Externship is huge.  It’s gonna help me in those moments when I am pushed to the limit of my emotional and physical fitness, as well as invited to step into discomfort to grow in my horsemanship.  I am going to keep a mantra close to me, “this challenge is a gift and will help me grow into the human I want to be”.  Each time a challenge comes my way, I will have a choice.  I can move forward with worry and fear or I can move forward with gratitude and love.  I am committed to choosing gratitude and love.  I am so happy to go into the Externship with this realization.  It will help me get the most I can from this experience.  It will help me get rid of the noise that can enter this RBE mind.  When I feel the noise coming on, I use a technique I learned from reading “the Magic”.  Instead of worrying or thinking about things so much, I say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU until I can feel it in my heart and it reminds me what an amazing life full of many blessings I have.  May you have the gifts of pressure and challenges in your life to help you move forward; further into the journey that is uniquely yours.

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  1. Great thought Crystal. Are you heading for the externship in CO. that starts in July. I have leased my horse to Fleur van Wollingen who is attending that session. She is from the Netherlands. She will come to our farm three weeks before so she can get to know my horse Moonbeam. Hope all of our paths cross in CO.
    Keep up the good thoughts.


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