ASKING FOR HELP…simple but not always easy

Well, it’s been about a month since I was given the ultimatum to vacate the unit my business currently occupies.  What a whirlwind!  Soon after my last blog, I began participation in the Tribal Leadership Intensive Course via  I have read the book, “Tribal Leadership” at least three times since discovering it on the recommended reading list during the 1 Star Instructor Course I participated in at the Parelli Florida Campus last February.  We were given a great opportunity to participate in the TLI Course through Parelli and I jumped at the chance.  However, the start date came at a time when I thought I couldn’t possibly take on one more thing.  But, I am smitten by the Tribal Leadership concepts and knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  I pushed past my doubting thoughts and dialed in for the first call.  We were given some guidelines and our coaches introduced themselves.  We learned more about Tribal Leadership and were given a list of outcomes we could expect from this course.  Some that meant a lot to me were… Produce Outcomes and Results, People will seek you out, Manage your reputation, Connect easily with people and Declare your core values and noble cause.  We were given buddy groups and heard from many of the participants during each call.  The experience of being surrounded by so many successful, positive, progressive people was so powerful.  Sound familiar?  For me, it was akin to how I feel when at the Parelli Campus.  It’s hard to put in words, but those moments of what that energy brings seems to create a shift; to clear a pathway that wasn’t visible before.  We were given homework, which added to the already busy lives of all of us and our coaches later talked about how this course was set up for us to really dig in to what can often feel overwhelming.  This way we’d be able to really understand the concepts of being elevated to the next stage where we begin to create triads and support systems all around us.  This concept excited me to no end, as I have a lot of ideas and things I want to do and don’t ever envision having a life full of lazy days and only one focus. So, I can overwhelm myself:-)   But, I’ve got a lot of living to do and loved that I’d be given tools to make it happen!!!  So, as Linda says, life is perfect and this course came up for me exactly when I needed it.  I’ve been given tools on how to let go of things, how to truly prioritize and still get things done and I’m peeling back the layers and seeing how to know what I absolutely have to do myself and what I can ask for help with.  Let me say that again…what I can ASK FOR HELP WITH.  This is the biggest piece that was missing for me.  Somehow it completely escaped me that it’s not only okay, but it’s a good thing to ask those who love and support you for help.  It makes life so much more enriched and meaningful to do things with others, honor their values and yours, as well as really learning how we are walking through the world…our reputation.  It seems so simple, but I’m discovering how powerful a shift in our thinking really is.  Truly, words don’t give the power of this experience meaning, but I hope sharing the words I can come up with is meaningful to you.  My wish is that is triggers something beautiful in your innermost being and you can dig it out and give it focus and power as I have begun to do.  For me, it’s an integral piece of the puzzle of my life, and my journey has taken on new meaning; not totally different meaning, but a more clear and enriching version of itself:-)  Regarding the major transition in my business that felt like such a BIG DEAL a month ago…I have my moments, but really have a new way of seeing the world in key areas.  So, this has become an experiment for me on how well I have understood the concepts of being a true Tribal Leader; inspiring people, creating culture, creating triads and networks, etc.  I am using the tools I’ve been given to put a strong focus on my career as a Parelli Professional and continuing to shoot for the moon and follow my passion!  The key word for me as I go through this FUN!  Gotta have fun…just like the Parelli program teaches us about with our horses. 

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