Beginning my journey as a Parelli Instructor – real self growth

My first few months as a Parelli 1 Star Junior Trainee Instructor have been amazing, super busy, and life transforming in ways I couldn’t have even imagined!  I am seeing daily, the changes in me, and am so very grateful!  For me, the thought of becoming an Instructor started somewhere during my Fast Track course in April, 2010.  I had signed up with a strong focus on it being about my horsemanship and truly didn’t think I had the ability or skills … and doubted I ever could…to become a Parelli Instructor.  Pat spoke to us then, giving great insight and thoughts on what we’d get from the experience.  The thing I really took from that talk was “empowerment”.  When Pat said we’d be empowered, a light bulb went off and I thought to myself, “that’s what I need”.  That experience proved to give me great personal insight that I needed, and boy was it challenging.  I went home and the opportunity to go to the 1 Star Course came about.  I had to work hard to put aside my self doubts and go for it.  The 1 Star Course brought great breakthroughs and realizations on self judgement and judging others going hand in hand.  Another hard look at myself and fantastic opportunity to begin really developing my self worth…something I’d discovered I was sorely lacking at this point.  I’ve been home since March, offering my required free lessons and trying to remain open to the experience and all it has to offer.  As I come to the end of my 50 free hours and am making plans to move forward, I am truly in awe of all this experience has offered thus far.  First, in helping others, there is great satisfaction.  I am rediscovering how incredible that is!  However, I had forgotten how much learning to teach others on any subject teaches us.  I am marinating fully in that fabulous opportunity with each lesson I give and my prep for lessons.  Going back to study Level One in prep for teaching it well is offering me so much!  The really powerful change in me is my confidence.  One of my challenges being lacking self worth (very difficult to admit, still) I am so humbled and grateful that this journey with Parelli is helping me attain it.  My horsemanship studies intertwine with my teaching to offer such incredible progress and I am discovering how very much confidence means to my horsemanship journey.  I am currently on what feels like a roller coaster ride.  For the first time in my life this roller coaster ride feels RIGHT rather than like pushing a boulder uphill.  My first big lesson at the Parelli Center was that I am the only one in my way when it comes to achieving my dreams and I am learning how to get out of my own way through this incredible experience thanks to Parelli!  “Way more than riding” really doesn’t do justice to this incredible organization and the amazing people that make up the Parelli tribe:-)  My belief is that connecting with Parelli in some way would be great for ALL humans, regardless of whether there are horses in their lives.  I suppose it already is, due to the fact that all of us Parelli students are changing for the better and walking through life in a more balanced way…CHANGING THE WORLD FOR HUMANS AND HORSES, truly.

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