Life is perfect (though not usually easy)

Do you recognize times in your life where big growth is coming? Like it or not, it’s coming. Well, I’m there again and this time I recognize it. In the past I’ve had real difficulty with these periods, because I couldn’t see what was happening…couldn’t find the gift and the opportunity. Over the years I’ve taken baby steps and learned little by little to look for the gift and the opportunity. Well, this time I’m fully aware it is here. It is no less challenging for me emotionally, but I am committed to staying with it and asking for the growth so I can head in that direction. One interesting aspect of this “brick upside the head” experience is that my horse has major pain, it turns out from an old injury. For the last couple weeks I’ve been struggling with a kidney issue and my pain is almost exactly mirrored in her body…her pain. Whoa! Talk about marinating on it; I’m fully steeping in this one to get the lesson:) I’m being forced to slow down and let my body heal…I don’t slow down easily. Why am I kicking and screaming on this one? It’s clear my body needs rest…turns out my mind needs to slow down for my body to. Sound familiar? Extroverts need to move their feet to think…hmmm. Without being able to move physically, I’m driving myself crazy mentally. I have taken a close look at my current mantras…”self worth” and “surrender” and realized I’m not honoring either. Today, I’m committing to both again. I’ll be taking Jesse to soak in the ocean and looking for some healing for both of us. I’ve realized she is physically unable to advance in some areas I’ve been pushing her in; all for my personal advancement in the Parelli Levels. But, life is perfect and I have another partner that is strong as an ox and super willing. Okay Universe, I’m listening. Bring it on:)

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