…using mantras to change my thinking…

I wanted to share something that makes a big difference for me in changing my thinking.  As Pat says, “think about what you think about”.  I find there are so many things I’d like to improve on and find growth in about myself that I have to focus on a couple at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed.  Just like with my horsemanship:-)  My strategy for doing this is a “mantra board”.  I keep it on the wall above my computer and have some pics that inspire me with cards I’ve written my current mantras on.  Sometimes, I even take a picture of the board and save it to my iphone screensaver.  This allows me to keep positive progression on the self growth I seek by remaining aware.  To create the board, I bought a french style photo board, which allows me to easily change items, along with some index cards to write my inspirations on.  My current mantras are … SELF WORTH and SURRENDER…with two quotes on the board as well. “I choose where I put my energy and time – accept it; be grateful” & “It’s not out there…it’s in here”.  Savvy on:-)

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