Progressive, provocative…

Wow!  Today went by so quickly, but was fabulous!  Groomed and prepped Jesse for a bareback ride and had her stand tied while I played with Taxi.  Then she ponied Taxi over to the pasture.  She then stood tied for an hour while I had a lesson and then on to Liberty to learn spins.  I used the concepts I learned from Linda’s January mastery lesson and she quickly got interested and connected, so I tried the spin; it worked!  I quit there and asked her to help me open the gate (Freestyle) and we headed home.  Had a little canter on the way; I’m practicing getting my comfort level up cantering bareback:-)  I can’t wait to see what her reception of me is like tomorrow.  Seems like a perfect day for a LBI…lots of standing around and a bit of something new as well as providing transportation for Taxi and me:-)  I charted Taxi again last night and he is definitely LBE with RBI tendencies while learning or areas where he becomes unsure.  Everything is so subtle with him, I have to be really aware.  When he goes RBI, it’s so subtle and quiet, but he could be pushed over the edge which I’ve experienced before.  We’ve made such a connection, I was able to play the leadership card and require more today.  We played with lots of stuff online, as I was testing his LBE mind…figure 8, weave, maintaining gait while circling, sideways without a fence, backing 20 feet, then hoof prep at the end.  Whew!  He was right with me and tried super hard.  He seems to sorta “climb in my lap” while learning by placing me at his shoulder on his left side.  Normally, I allow him to stand there for a while, but today I honored it, then asked him to get back to playing:-)  I can’t wait to see what he thinks tomorrow!  He now comes to me every day no matter where he is in the pasture.  Yesterday, the back hoe was running and I wasn’t sure if he’d hear me, but he did…from the back of the pasture…and came right over.  The moment when he lifts that gorgeous head and I see those ears on me just before he starts to come really makes my day!  Oooooh; and how amazing it feels when he canters to me!!  I have such a hard time leaving him when he’s still connected and hope he is enjoying our time together as much as I am.  It really is amazing to have a horse want to be with me like this…the journey continues


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