Saddle Shimming – developing muscles so quickly

Along with the healthy stride concepts, I have been incorporating saddle shimming changes and experimentations into my program after our great session with Parelli Instructor, Tina Giordano, in Florida during my last trip.  I added quite a few shims a few days ago and have had three rides on my horse with this pattern.  Her back is really developing muscle!  I notice it most toward her hips.  I’m testing for soreness each day and the soreness around her hip and stifle area that was so extreme is very minimal now. I have been using the red light daily as well.  I have been spending time asking her to stretch her back by using finesse during each ride and she seems to be really enjoying it.  The biggest change and most exciting thing for me is Jesse’s expression and desire to be with me and try for me.  As she finds more comfort, it seems she is blossoming into an amazing partner.  Or maybe I’m blossoming and she’s responding:-)  What a journey!  What’s next?  I’ll be playing with iridology …

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