1* Instructor Course experience – personal lesson in self judgement

I recently completed the 1* Course and had yet another life changing experience and opportunity for personal growth. There were many wonderful lessons, but the one I really absorbed was about self judgement and judgement of others. I, of course, thought I was past this and “got it”. However, I discovered many situations where I wanted others to hurry up and do what I thought needed to happen, simulations where I wanted the person talking to do what I thought they were supposed to be doing, etc. Oooohhh, not a good feeling to see this in myself. I had gone RBI, as i have discovered I do when I go to the center and, being in such a safe, supportive environment, allowed myself to sit with it, so I was able to really observe what was going on for me internally. I also realized just how judgmental I am of myself and truly how judging myself and others go hand in hand. I guess I’ve kinda overlooked judging myself over the years and decided it was okay, but have always been very diligent about not wanting to judge others. Well, guess what. I now see that where there’s one, so there’s the other. What a realization. I’m still marinating on this, but definitely understand how the two things go hand in hand and am committed to letting go of all the self judgement I carry around. The Parelli Center is such an amazing place to be supported in being exactly where we’re at in our journey and I see over and over how Parelli really is Waaaayyyyy more than riding:-) Aloha!


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